Learning Spaces in Drysdale Building – Lecture Theatres


This view shows how students can be grouped, but it all depends on the pedagogic skills of the academic teaching in the space. How to manage the room and facilitate group activities, while being mobile throughout the space
This shows the table for wheelchair users, part of the compliance with DDA regulations. Although it is a very heavy table and could be a challenge for less-able students who are in wheelchairs
The Race seating does have its compromises; such as a narrow gap for students to squeeze through in order to take their seat
A space with coat hooks! Doubtful if they are used very much due to the distance from where students would sit in the lecture theatre, as well as how close the hooks are fitted together.
All centrally timetabled spaces have this information board at City. What is useful is a diagram of the whole space for users and facilities staff.


A number of other universities have adopted this approach to creating more options for interaction within lecture theatres. This is a good design, sufficient space to swivel seats to the row behind, but again, its effectiveness is dependent on the abilities of the academic facilitating the students’ learning activities.