University of Derby

These photographs were taken in April 2013 during a research fieldwork visit to the University of Derby.



The University library has recently been redeveloped on the ground and lower floors with a traffic light system of guidance for students.



I was taken with these pendant light fittings as they are not the usual fluorescent tubes found in most libraries.


These glass partitions help to create zones within the library, as there were restrictions on building separate spaces internally


In fact the challenge was in creating a silent study area in an open plan space. Hence the traffic light colour scheme to signify the type of activity for students.


I questioned the use of so much red as it arguably signifies a short stay for people, perhaps some evaluation would be interesting to see if students have any views on such a vivid colours scheme in what is probably a long stay area. I did wonder if the design of the carrels was actually quite useful as once sat in the desk your eyeline is narrowed down to the screen in front.


Power in the seats is always good to see.




Apart from the red behind this area, I found this calming and natural colour design to be quite thoughtful



These images were taken on the lower ground floor of the social learning area for students


The librarian told me that some dyslexic students found these screens to be problematic and I could sympathise with that, as the horizontal patterning was quite busy and could be distracting.






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