University of Northampton

In the spring of 2019, I visited the new Waterside campus of Northampton University, specifically to see how they have integrated the Barco WeConnect system into their learning spaces.

The following images were taken during our guided tour, posted here as an example of how an institution with a focus on active and student centred learning approaches its design of spaces. Particularly the open spaces that have tables for any kind of use as well as mainly yellow soft seating.

Interesting piece of furniture in the atrium, not sure who would use the lower part but it is clearly designed for seating as well as a long table.


These communal spaces are collaborative zones with wireless access to the large display screens, that is also used for events and exhibitions, as you can see from this photo.


Despite the wireless solution, we did a number of teaching through the many glazed walls where academics were connecting their University laptops via HDMI.

One image from the large library with a good deal of space for students, breakout areas and study desks of curved shapes