Oxford University

Pedagogy of Space Workshop in action

After running a Pedagogy of Space workshop for Kerr Gardiner Consulting on behalf of IT Services at Oxford, I was able to take a few photographs of their training room facilities, and a sneak into the Maths building.

Sofa booth, bookable and with plug in display screen, the most well used feature of the centre
Training seminar room with integrated PC tables, some half size for 3 people
The integrated tables are not particularly easy to change from one state to another
One of the IT training rooms, again with ‘pop-up’ tables for integrated PCs
Single table can be locked into others, again with PC built-in
This is a legacy Mac training room, I found it intriguing and apparently the only one at the University. It is used by more creative courses mainly for Adobe Creative Cloud and other video and audio packages.
Bespoke table with ceiling pole for power and data, it felt almost like being in a high tech. control centre, lots of space but it needs to be refurbished, hopefully they keep the iMacs!

A quick look at the new Mathematics Building, very traditional in terms of their seminar rooms.

Didactic space with roller whiteboards, although not a blackboard in sight