LCF – The development of The Library at JPS

A few photographs showing the Library as it was

This was the outdated carrel area which was often over-crowded and unpleasant for students.


The old presentation room within glass walls and multi-coloured spiral staircaseImage 2

The old quiet study room, complete with small tables and storage units.Image 1

Conceptual designs and plans

Working in collaboration with Estates and Library staff, but especially with the Library manager Karen Ellis Rees, this was one of the conceptual sketches that was used to inform the project and was eventually transferred into CAD drawings over the following weeks.

JPS Lib design concept sketch_Page_1

CAD drawing of the second floor as envisaged from the sketch above. The challenge was always going to be lack of space v improved facilities, the floor loading also precluded more book stacks being installed.  second floor drawing

Construction photographs

The second floor was a key area where we wanted to create zones for students to be able to engage in different activities. Walls were knocked down and services removed and re-installed over the heatwave in July 2013.


This view is from what will be the new quiet study room


One key aspect of the first floor reception area was to reduce the floor level to create a compliant single level for all users.



The second floor with old glass presentation room being dismantled together with the purple spiral staircase being removed


Project completion photos on this page

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