LCF – CAD CAM Learning and Teaching Space

Previously this space was purely for IT ‘open access’ use, despite being airless, old fashioned and in need of modernisation. The challenge was to create a space that could be used for CAD CAM teaching as well as being suitable for students to use for informal work when not in timetabled use.

Matti Juutilainen and myself worked on a number of spatial arrangements to meet these different activities in an enlarged area but with a number of constraints. The CAD CAM suite had to be relocated from the Oxford Circus site with all the specialist equipment and staff to support it.  Students would gain a small printing room and staff would gain a dedicated tutorial room adjacent to the CAD CAM room, but with space at a premium, it was a big compromise.

These photos show the room as the equipment was being installed, the feature being four large ‘bean’ shaped tables that allow students a good line of sight to the screen and space to work independently when in ‘open access’ mode.

IMG_3469 IMG_3466

Two repeater screens were installed for those group tables at the sides of the room, which is an odd shape with low ceilings. The tables were set at 940mm height to allow for improved line of site.


Monitors can be moved according to the students’ preference and to allow for alternative seating arrangements, some adaptability was essential in this space.


Click here for a 360 degree view and select CAD CAM Room 213

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