LCF – Lime Grove ‘Newsroom’

C103This plan view is of room C103 which is intended to be a ‘Newsroom’ for BA Fashion Journalism students. Groups of up to five will be working on fashion production, features, broadcast and print, albeit in a converged environment using iMacs for their respective areas of study.

This is a camera view of the same room design. The design was agreed by all the stakeholders and represents an innovative approach into how classes will be taught, or better still, facilitated. The tutors’ position is central with their own iMac but with the expectation that they will be more mobile in their management of their class. Students will be able to work in groups on chairs that are mobile so that they can reposition themselves in order to work on their own computer, see one of the two large LCD screens or face the tutor wherever they are standing. The tutor will be able to move around the class, joining in with a group discussion, working with a particular student as well as being the fulcrum when addressing the whole cohort. C103_side viewThe room is also intended to be used for teaching specific mac-based software in a space that allows for two main activities to run without the need for furniture of technology to be reconfigured. There are four whiteboards in the space for all users to access along with local connection plates to the two large LCD screens.

See images of the completed room below.




Room in use, spot the tutor!

room C103 4

room C103 2

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