The Pilkington Library at Loughborough

November 2013 update on the Pilkington Library now completed;


The bright new staircase which has almost transformed the library


Still busy but more vibrant and lighter, this large open plan area has taken over space where bookcases used to dominate IMG_0944


This is the new helpdesk which is to the side as opposed to the dominant location where the staircase now sitsIMG_0942

This is one of a number of student pods that are becoming ubiquitous at universities. Good to see the Humanscale seating being used extensively as it is regarded as a sustainable range of environmentally credible products.


This is part of the brand new 4th floor, which has been opened up from a mass of corridors and offices, into an airy bright space for informal studyIMG_0935

Some may not agree with the range of vibrant colours used for seating but it is clearly a popular floor




The attention to detail is impressive, even the waste bins mirror each other both sides of the new glazed partitionsIMG_0926



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