The Learning Zone at LCC

This feature right outside the entrance to LCC is a colourful storage container complete with PV solar panels.

The Learning Zone was completed in time for the start of term in 2012, having relocated from High Holborn. It has a twin at Central St. Martins now located in the Granary building at Kings Cross.

However, LCC now has this informal study space for those students who choose not to work in the library or Digital Space. They have a good deal of space to spread themselves around and it is a big improvement from before. Although it does appear rather monochromatic in its atmosphere, there are splashes of colour from the Wagstaff furniture, reminiscent of other study spaces at Warwick and Sheffield.

Considering the amount of floor space available, I feel the area could have allowed more space for students where these workstations are concerned.

I would be concerned with the leg space offered here, it is important to think about ergonomics as square tables are problematic as well as the design of the frames. Not only that, but in my opinion, the space could have designed better as it feels a little corporate and unwelcoming.

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