New space developments 2015 – Watson Building refurbishment

The Watson Building refurbishment was completed in September 2015. Three completely refurbished lecture theatres with more physical space for students and innovative presentation technology. Plus two new collaborative seminar rooms with long surfboard shape tables, comfortable seating and an increased number of writing surfaces.

The two seminar rooms feature innovative layouts that I designed for collaborative student active learning as well as providing a space for straightforward presentations. The large group tables are designed to be tiered with two heights and matching chairs for students to select their preferred working position. The concept was proven at London College of Fashion. Extra whiteboards and projection surfaces will allow a greater writing surface area, with lecture capture embedded in the technology upgrades. We aded artwork for the walls, not to distract but to stimulate and provide a welcome resting eye focus for reflection.

Designers renders;

R310 render

R18 render

Actual photographs:





The three lecture theatres will provide more space per person with wider seats and deeper writing surfaces, and will have power and  USB sockets mounted onto the writing surfaces for mobile devices. Staff will be able to view the two confidence monitors at the back of the room which will mirror the output from the twin data projectors. Each lecture theatre will have twin Wolfvision visualisers to provide a larger writing area for projection and lecture capture.




Actual photos; These images from the lecture theatres show the new dual visualiser design, with bespoke lecterns from TeamMate and confidence monitors. This is to encourage staff to make full use of the extended writing surface.