Flinders University, Adelaide

With grateful thanks to Kevin Knox, manager of the Multimedia Technology Unit.
These images show the variety of spaces that are provided for students at the main campus, North and South Ridge as well as the new city centre site in Victoria Square for business undergraduates and MBA students.
This view is looking south from the main South Ridge campus. Flinders University has a student population of 14,000, many of whom study at the adjacent teaching hospital.
Flinders University like Adelaide itself, is blessed with plenty of sunshine but naturally this can cause problems for any internal spaces.
One of the big issues for teaching spaces in Adelaide is the sunlight, blinds are moved by a Crestron control system as well as screens and shutters on the exterior of the building.
One of the most impressive facilities that Flinders University provides is lecture capture, up to 90 lectures a day are recorded on a Mac based system and managed by Kevin’s department.
Social and informal learning spaces, some very comfortable furniture and individual learning pods.
One or two areas outdoors are geared up for students to sit outside, perhaps not as comprehensive as Melbourne’s Pavilion, but then Adelaide is in South Australia and enjoys a warmer climate.
The Science Innovation Learning Centre was the newest and most interesting facility in terms of new learning spaces
The architects had been able to be bold with colour, furniture and interoperable walls.
One piece of furniture was curious and in its execution of providing flexible seating, caused an interesting and intimate experience. I tried to sit in between these two students…I literally fell off my chair trying to get in!
These chairs did not warrant a test, no one was sitting on this strange uncomfortable looking design!DSCF5095.jpg

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