Workshop Design Outcomes

1) ‘Sample room’ A specialist classroom supporting pattern cutting, sewing machines and the use of presses. This room should be designed to accommodate up to 25 students.

  • Metaphor = Allotment
  • Productive, practical, beautiful, hard work, community, shared, storage of tools
  • Room needs = pattern cutting, drawing, presses, tables, special machines, demonstrations, computers, mirrors, resources, recordings
  • Tables with drawers underneath for storage, pull-out drawers for learning resources
  • Circular room for demonstrations with access outside for open access, machines, storage lockers
  • Curved white wall for projections and writing

2 ‘Teaching room’  This is a non-specific general purpose teaching room. It should accommodate (for the purpose of this exercise) up to 30 students. This is the kind of space where seminars, presentations and group-based activity would occur.

  • Metaphor = garden
  • Aim = presentations, seminars, group based learning
  • Break up right angles, like you would in a garden, with paths leading to different areas
  • Write on the floor, a pond shaped area
  • Butterfly wings – unfurled to form table top space
  • Tiered levels of surfaces with curved shapes
  • Cameras to enlarge student’s work
  • Wireless, touch-screen on each table
  • CAD facility nearby
  • Plasma screens mounted on walls outside of the curved screens like the petals of a flower

3) `Informal learning lounge’ This is intended as an informal learning area (non-classroom space) providing students with a mix of IT access and use, as well as a range of seating and furniture types to accommodate a variety of activity.

  • Metaphor = Cocktail bar
  • Bar staff = technical learning support staff
  • Relaxed, social
  • The idea that refreshments served are actually resources for learning
  • Pod areas for group learning activities
  • Horseshoe shaped tables
  • Circular area with a bar for drinks, accessories where staff hand out loan items, no cash
  • Curved glass screens in the corners of the room for presentations

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