Anglia Ruskin University

These images reflect the brief visit I made to Anglia Ruskin University in 2011.

*In October 2013 I revisited the university to see the changes made to the Library and student social areas, those photos are below this set.

Group Study area in the Library

IMG_0992.jpgTypical library study areas
IMG_0994.jpgBig graphics and metal carrels

IMG_0995.jpgLecture theatre with large size Team Mate lectern

IMG_0996.jpgThe new ‘quad’ central area has some interesting seating, lighting and spaces that open out to it. Particularly the circular teaching spaces with wood and red tiling features.

IMG_1004.jpgLED floor lights

IMG_0998.jpgStudent break out area outside lecture rooms

IMG_0999.jpgLED lighting on circular tiled walls that mirror the external features.

IMG_1002.jpgLecture seminar space built in oval fashion, excellent acoustics and interesting use of colour. Dual screen projection with double Team Mate lectern.

IMG_1003.jpgClose up view of acoustic panelling and speakers

IMG_1005.jpgCeiling acoustic baffles in lecture theatre

Link to a new British gas commercial aimed at students and filmed on site at the University

2013 update:

The ground floor now has a variety of study zones which are vibrant and appear quite engaging.


Part of this area is puzzling as the vinyl lettering states it is a group area but the layout is for individual work at computers.


These group study pods are becoming familiar at many universities and do seem to be one of the most effectively used facilities by students


I was taken by this window view within the study area, a great idea to open up the space



Its good to see that although the services are exposed, they have been spray painted black to hide them away and contrast from the suspended lighting panels


This is a very attractive balcony above a circular teaching space, with great colourful weather proof seats and lozenge shaped tables.


Inside the cafe area are two spaces that join together with a real attention to detail, especially the cube stools that are stackable.IMG_2907



This row of booths is very nicely designed with large vibrant and verdant images.IMG_2906


These areas of seating are fascinating, with bold wooden hinged screens that create booths as well as a real design statementIMG_2905


Finally, these planks of wood have been added at the edge of the cafe servery area to bring much needed warmth and natural finish to the spaceIMG_2902

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