New space developments 2015, Aston Webb C Block

Aston Webb C Block redevelopment. A flagship lecture theatre with technology enabled breakout tables, an informal study space for students, comprising a study lounge, small IT cluster room, quiet study room and laptop area, all scheduled for completion in August 2015.

Associated Architects have produced these renders. Shortly after my start at Birmingham, I re-designed the breakout spaces and the student study lounge has been completely redesigned to support a variety of informal working spaces.





These photos below show the actual study lounge, very similar to the above renders



Heritage photography and contemporary lighting designed to make students feel at homeIMG_2235


Laptop bar, tucked away from the main room with integrated power sockets and adjustable lighting



These beautiful oak tables below were a key feature that I wanted to include the space, now proving very popular with students, wide enough for individual work. The concept was proven after the library I designed at London College of Fashion


These high group study tables are also proving a popular workspace, with the ‘Airflake’ curtain that separates the two tables. Power modules for mobile devices also installed for students, both 13amp and USB sockets


Another image of the quiet study room, it is often occupied at 8am, students have been making good use of these study carrels with individual power and LED lights


This photograph shows the small IT room. The images for the vinyl manifestation were taken from the entrance to the Aston Webb Great Hall and features the ‘Worthies’, including Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Newton, etc.


The image below taken before the manifestation was fitted, but shows the small PC cluster.IMG_0263_2

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