CPD and Workshops


Learning is a Social Process

Accredited by RIBA, this piece of work was written for Connection, one of the country’s leading workplace furniture manufacturers. In it I discuss how and why we believe learning is a social process, addressing the relationship between learning styles in education and how we see this correlate to create effective informal learning through interior and space design. It looks at understanding current and future students’ learning needs and how forthcoming design trends and technology are helping to influence these environments. Finally, the CPD shows some design trends for interiors that are emerging and considers their translation and psychological impact in education design, demonstrating how through smart furniture design and careful choice of material and colours can affect and improve learning and teaching outcomes.

Click here for a free PDF to learn more: learning-is-a-social-process-summary


I have run a number of workshops under the banner of Learning Space Design and Development. “The Pedagogy of Space” is a 90 minute session looking at the learning environment from a different perspective in order to fully understand the issues and needs of learners and those academics engaged in learning and teaching.

“Why Do We Need Furniture in Learning Spaces?” is a new workshop that investigatse furniture for learning and teaching, giving delegates the opportunity to investigate the issues around current arrangements and to collaborate in the design of new furniture for students. It ran in May 2019 as an option for delegates before the Learning Environment Conference 2019. “Why Do We Need Furniture in Learning Spaces?”
by James Rutherford, held at the Herman Miller National Design Centre, Aldwych, London

This image is taken from a Pedagoy of Space workshop run at Oxford University in 2019 in collaboration with Kerr Gardiner Consulting.

These sessions are aimed at architects, academics, estates professionals, designers and furniture manufacturers. Watch this space or get in touch if you would like to know more.