LCF – collaborative learning spaces at 272 High Holborn

On March 1st 2010 LCF staff moved from Davies Street into 272 High Holborn, the new headquarters of University of the Arts London. But this major project began in November 2009 to plan and design the new teaching spaces and offices for LCF on the second, third and fourth floors.

These images show the site before during and after the construction work and fit out of the spaces.


One of the key requirements was for colour, the architects added this palette on the floor rather than wall decor
One of the most innovate features of rooms at High Holborn was the furniture, design for a more collaborative pedagogy
The tutorial rooms were a requirement form academics who no longer had the option to meet with their students at their desks. We opted for a bright coloured range of soft furnishings to cater for up to six people
I designed for two rooms to be technology rich spaces that catered for group work, with two PC’s mounted on swivel brackets to be shared amongst the group of six students. The technology included a large touch screen display with built in computer, DVD player and speakers.
Another large seminar space designed to cater for six groups of 8 students, with whiteboards and repeater screens surrounding the room so that all had a view of the presentation and access to writing surfaces

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