London College of Communication – The Digital Space


London College of Communication is a sister college like Central St. Martins, featured on this site and is based at Elephant & Castle in South London.

Following a visit at the end of November 2012, I took a series of photos of the newly developed “Digital Space” which is a new creative learning hub open to all students at London College of Communication, its a collaborative working environment, aimed to provide increased access to specialist technology and software.

I also had a look the new “Learning Zone” which is billed as an exciting new development for LCC’s library, a social learning space for students working in groups or individually.

The approach from the monochromatic entrance to The Digital Space does not suggest that you are about to enter a vibrant stylish Apple Mac design suite.

This was only the third day of being open to students, but they appeared to be already quite familiar with their new space. It offers facilities for specialist software for Macs, laptop space, bookable pods, a cinema and a dedicated Mac teaching space.

This is one of the plywood pods, it appears basic on the surface, but perhaps too early to tell how popular it will be

This is interesting as the sweeping table tops overlap with a higher worktop for those wishing to sit on stools and maybe stand and work? this is a similar approach to the bespoke worktop that we installed at John Princes Street in the open access space for laptop users.

The overlapped work surface is about 1m high, as opposed to the standard desk height of most table tops

Another pod, this time occupied, showing some separation but not much privacy.

This pod does have privacy, if not sound proofed

Cinema for Apple Store type presentations or viewings, its possible to curtain off the area so as to avoid disturbing the rest of the users in the space.

Interesting table top shapes, designed as ‘laptop garden’ this one was so thin in the middle it wobbled!

Good to see colour and curves forming an integral part of the design of this space. I suspect the metaphor of a garden featured somewhere in the design process.

This is a view from the teaching room, separated by a glass wall. It can also be used when no classes are timetabled as a quieter area for students

I quite liked this lo-fi approach to the ubiquitous lectern bursting with technology, the staff at LCC are pioneering the use of Apple TV as a sharing device. However, this is not a long term solution due to the management of what is a domestic solution.

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