Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

Ravensbourne is a university sector college specialising in digital media and design recently built next to the 02 in London, or the Dome as it used to be known. These are iPhone photos taken on 8th March during a technology day for my institution. Ravensbourne made a bold decision to embrace technology as much as possible, creating open and innovative study areas all over the building. There are no posters but wayfinding graphics and a network of digital signage. Technology is made available for all, in terms of laptop loans and bursaries for outright purchase.


Not a lecture theatre as such, but like all spaces it has fold-up tables on castors to increase the rooms versatility. Main projection is from a Christie data projector with two smaller ones at either side.

Lectern is a Dalen Voyager with Crestron control and a Sympodium interactive screen, Mac Pro and Elmo visualiser.

Student informal study space, like many areas, it has screens on castors to create some ‘privacy’ , lockers for each student, even a few table football games.

Students seemed to be able to work almost anywhere. These blue storage trollies that look like roll palettes, are used to store 3D work by students.

Open space used for an exhibition of architectural student work

Flexibility seems to be their philosophy

One of the standard teaching rooms

TV students in the gallery

Senior staff room, hot desk with chandeliers

High backed sofas from Vitra, we like them!

Chair of Design?

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