Central St. Martins at Kings Cross

With 3 weeks to go, the Kings Cross site is finally talking shape.

The Street with wooden block floor

million blocks of wood laid by hand

Turnstile entrance to the Street

East west view where the reception area leads to the Street

Front entrance


From the Student Union area to the cafe

Lecture theatre(s)

1st floor with 9 seminar rooms and informal learning space for students

Seminar room

Informal study area

Entrance to Innovation Centre and Artscom

The library with space for study

View of shelving on the opposite side

More library space

Wood stairs to more library space

2nd floor view to Kings Cross and St. Pancras, water features being built in the foreground

3D workshops

Handmade jewellery benches

Performance spaces no longer needed so will be re designated

Photography studios and workshops

Stunning views on the amazing terrace with a no students policy

Smartcard access to student lockers

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