LCF – Visual Merchandising Studios

One of the most interesting learning spaces projects has been the recent summer works for Visual Merchandising course at JPS. The course was being taught at Elephant & Castle and moved from LCC for an October start with two year groups. The old BA Performance Technical Effects rooms were completely refurbished to create a seminar room, studio, workshop and prop store, together with a staff office and tutorial area. A considerable amount of detailed planning work was carried out working alongside the academic team, estates, contractors and other stakeholders.

The photographs below show the original rooms through the building works to the final layout and occupation by the course.

This is a breakthrough design for a seminar room, led by the academic vision of a constructivist approach to learning and teaching. This is one of the first spaces to feature two-tier tables to allow students an elevated view and for those wishing to work at standing height.
This image shows the comfortable chairs on castors, essential for movement and good ergonomics. The draughtsman height chairs at the 1m high tables do not move on castors for good reason but match the standard height chairs very well

Seminar room


The window mock up spaces are an essential part of the learning and teaching approach, where students learn how to create their visual design for merchandising

Studio with 10 full size window mock-ups


Prop Store

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