After Covid-19, Climate Emergency

A thought provoking piece that might have you thinking, isn’t the Coronavirus enough?

A Look into The Workplace Post-COVID-19

This post follows on from ‘WHERE IS MY OFFICE?’ PODCAST REPORT BY JAMES RUTHERFORD and thinking about hybrid working and the return to the office and what that might look like A paraphrased review of an article by C.Whitman ‘A Look into The Workplace Post-COVID-19 Over the past decade, workplace design has witnessed a move away…

What Types of Learning Spaces Should We Design for our Students?

With reference to this blog written for City, University of London, now more pertinent, from earlier in the year – It seems obvious to say that with the current Covid-19 crisis, higher education is facing an enormous challenge in how to respond to the situation and how to adapt to an uncertain future. One strategic…

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